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Swift: Galaxy trails offers a brand new take on the traditional runner games with an 80’s sci-fi twist. Enjoy a rich story told via captivating gameplay that mixes running with exploration, crafting and epic boss battles. So, prepare your running shoes, load your laser gun and test your strength against the Guardians.

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Test your strength against the fearsome Guardians! Each Guardian has their unique design with unique abilities. So prepare your laser gun, step into the action and fight to survive!


What would the life of an adventurer be if you couldn’t use the resources around you? Worry not, as this game allows you to craft new weapons and armors to aid your battle even in the trickiest of situations.

Handcrafted Levels

Each level is handcrafted to challenge even the most experienced fans of runner games. So, do a light stretch, ready your reflexes and prepare to sprint, dodge and jump in countless unique levels.

Immersive Story

Help Swift to uncover the mystery surrounding his parents’ untimely demise as you explore the long hidden secrets of the galaxy.

Brand New Adventure

An entire galaxy brimming with new and unique planets waits to be explored. From planets forged from ice, to those burning brightly, this game takes you on a visual journey.

Multiple Playable Characters

A journey is not about the destination, but about the company. No adventure is fun without the right company, so buckle up and prepare to meet your new crew! Play as Swift, Gizmo or one of their new travelling companions.

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Look forward to our next update, introducing a new mysterious planet for you to explore! Swift the galaxy trails is free to play, but it also includes optional in-game items that require payment.